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The peaceful romantic atmosphere of a sun-drenched hotel on the Italian Riviera is shattered by the arrival of Agatha Hepworth, a determinedly outspoken widow and her timid spinster sister Fiona. Agatha crushes all protests as she rounds up the hotel guests into communal games and other healthy pursuits, her unflagging spirit of togetherness invading the private lives of the other characters with riotous results.

All the ingredients of package holidays - late flights, double bookings, foreign food, wine tasting and innocent fun.

Fish out of Water  by Derek Benfield

Previous Productions

May 2014

Audrey Hubback - Anne Woolnough     Marisa - Julie Sutton     Brigadier Hubback - Steve Wright     Agatha Hepworth - Lisa Barker     Fiona Francis - Audrey Webb     Julian Whittle - Nigel Smith     Mario Marcello - Mike Buckley