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Songs, tears and laughter in the traditional story of the beautiful Snow White, whose life is threatened by her wicked stepmother, and her henchman, Igor, after the magic mirror tells Queen Botox that she is no longer the fairest in the land. 

Will they be prevented by Snow White’s friends, Gladys Grimsdale, the cook, and Muddles, the servant?  Will she be safe with the miners who live in the forest, despite the fact that in the forest are The Wild Woman and ghosts and goulies?  Will there be a happy ending and Snow White be rescued by her Prince Charming?

Written and directed by All Saints Players own Gary Clapperton in his first foray into writing a pantomime.

SNOW WHITE  by Gary Clapperton

Previous Productions

January 2012

Snow White - Lisa Barker     Prince Scott - Audrey Webb     Queen Botox - Jennifer Wright     Igor - Steve Wright     Gladys Grimsdale - Nigel Smith     Muddles - Anne Woolnough     Ardleigh - Ian Greene     Beaky - Ken Woolnough     Dozey - Mike Buckley     Titch - Colin Daly     Marion - Alexandra Webb     Wild Woman - Moya Kelly     Old Crone - Betty Storey     Magic Mirror - Caroline Perkins     Solicitor - John Luckett     Robin Hood - Michael Webb     Ghost - Diana Lock     Chorus -  Chris Garn  Gill Waugh